Low power consumption on servers

With the help of cooling systems on the roof and underground, at our server facilities in Munich and Nuremberg, we use outdoor air and water as coolants. Thus we achieve that during a part of the year the mechanical cooling systems are not activated, which consume electrical energy.

Our carbon footprint in web traffic

Information technologies (IT) consume 7% of the world's electricity. Our website is 71% cleaner than all sites audited on the Internet by Web Site Carbon. Every time you visit this site, 0.85g of CO2 is generated, which can be absorbed by three trees.

Our support for sustainable businesses

We offer six months free on all our web hosting plans for companies or entrepreneurs who demonstrate their commitment to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To access this support, you must belong to an organization that promotes sustainability, include the SDGs in your business plan, in the management of human, financial or physical resources.